Monday, May 28, 2007

it's that anime stuff isn't it

been fascinated with moe lately


Julia said...

lol titty is going to otakon

Guillaume said...

Awaiting my return eh? XD Well to be honnest I do miss Gaia :(... but I'm here in Halifax until mid-August, so it seems like it's no-go for Gwee this year. But hopefully I can come back next year, if there's a spot for me :D

Anyway, that watercolor (watercolor!!!) piece in your previous post is GORGEOUS, such a nice composition and palette, and delicate anatomy and drapery on the character. You rock T_T

Laine said...

we'll miss you gwee T_T what are you doing in Halifax? Not working for a competitor are you?!! >D

thank you gwee T_T i didn't think the piece came out too well in terms of what I wanted to communicate, but now you've given me hope!!1