Tuesday, June 19, 2007

study of bouguereau 2

photoshop + tablet

some snapshots of the progress


shou' said...

Looks great so far. Is this the final version?

If you don't mind me offering a critique/suggestions, I'd notice a few minor tidbits that could be adjusted.

1. The cheek that connects to her right eye beneath her eyelid could be tucked in a little more.
2. I'd add a bit more shadow on her right side after what her nose casted on the right cheek.
3. Her left pupil comes off a bit sharp to me, maybe you could soften it a bit.
4. The back of her neck appears to be slightly larger when compared to her physical statue.
5. The bottom of the ear could be pushed to be rounder.

Otherwise nice digital rendition of Gabrielle.

Ian said...

wow, this is really nice to see progress pictures of it ^_^ how long did it take in all? so i may pace my own explorations of digital painting ^_^;;;

Meredith said...

O_O gah!

Zid said...

I don't know I think I just died looking at how good this is.

Julia said...

hodamn zhenzhen ;D; pretty hots

Jen Zee said...

HURHUR SWEET D00DE <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Geoducks