Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Stuff for Gaia Chance Item!!!! Uhm I think the snake guy turned out pretty bad. The insect woman is pretty popular but I have NO IDEA WHY.

idk why I update this blog


puppy52doll said...

yum! I love them :) I like the cute one lol

Thiago Mello said...

no prob!
keep on with the good art!!!
it´s a pleasure to visit you some times!

Cyclopean Rabbit said...

the art is way awesome :) i miss being able to draw like that... took too long of an 'im angry at people' hiatus i just cant draw the same.

maybe one day commision something.. need to get the day job first :/ boo to unemployment

James said...

Long time fan! I hope you continue to post up your artwork!

Brendan said...

Hello, while reading the Biographies section of an archive of his website, I noticed you drew a picture for a man named Frank Verderosa. I am currently spearheading the effort to find him and bring his lost work back to the internet, and am hoping you had a way to contact him, or possibly Jen bond, who i believe is a personal friend of his. Please email me at thank you.