Saturday, September 10, 2011

Forest Flower

I'm not super happy with it, but I don't really know how to progress. Below are some progress shots.


Thiago Mello said...

I liked :)

chibiaion said...

Superb! The last one looks really neat and cool. Thumbs up for that. :D buy aion accounts

Spencer Graham said...

I love this piece. The moment I saw it on Deviant art I put it in my favorites and downloaded the picture to my computer. I don't know if your still on this blog but I hope to talk to you about the piece. I had hoped to see more of the same subject, but I didn't see any other posts. The reason I like it so much is I am currently writing a novel and the picture fits in perfectly to my scenario. The background of my story is that planets have a living spirit that can take a physical form. The woman as a forest spirit, hence forest flower, is how I envisioned the goddess of the planet where my story takes place. The other creature reminds me of a lost soul that has gone mad, thats why he looks so scary, and has been looking for someone to be with endlessly, and finally he has found her. And she appears to have been waiting for him all that time. The piece seems haunting at first, but it is also very romantic. Very different from all the other things you have drawn. Very original.

Sorry if I wrote to much. I hope we can talk about that picture. I have a blogger page myself. Just email me there.