Thursday, September 15, 2011


During World Cup 2010, I saw a little man outsmart entire gangs. Often they would get desperate and resort to flat out grabbing him and restraining him. It didn't matter, he would just somehow outmaneuver them.

The opposing team had dedicated half their men (usually 6 or so) to taking this guy down but he ran through them like they were ghosts. If you don't watch sports, think of this as the scene in 300 where one guy cuts through a bajillion other people like they're butter. Except this is real life.

So I turned him into a Moga. Leo Messi in the zodiac Leo; har har =P

Moga based on the likeness of others are hard to do; it's especially hard to keep the resemblence AND make it likable enough that people want to capture the Moga. I requested he be kept a rare Moga, since he is a rare talent.

I used the picture below as the main reference. It was fun to keep his haircut and find his facial features kept well in a lion face. The medal is in reference to the gold medal he had won at the 2008 Olympics.

Messi grew up in poverty and had a growth hormone deficiency that left him smaller than others. At 11, he signed up with a football club in Spain that paid for his hormone treatments. He is now the greatest football player of our generation.

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francemaillotdefootball2018 said...

Messi est le seul joueur qui court plus vite avec la balle que lui sans.